Fruit Snake

Slight twist on a classic game for your Android phone. Buttons to alter the speed of the snake and diet pills to reduce his length. Click Here to view on Google Play and download.

This is a free game by Chris Davis. Give it a try and help please support him in his campaign to give snakes a good name.

Please rate/review and contact Chris at

Sound Launcher

This program allows you to assign sound(.wav or .mp3) files to a key and play them by pressing the key. Once you have setup the keyboard the way you want, you can save the layout. Click Here to download.

Sound Launcher uses DirectX and will allow you to play multiple sounds at the same time.

If it is not on your system, the .Net 2.0 framework will need to be installed. You can get it Here

Digital Camera Assistant

With this program you can compare the camera settings of two similar or not so similar pictures from a digital camera. It displays the exposure settings, aperture, focal length and other setting from any camera that supplies EXIF information. It has a second tab to display thumbnail images from a directory.

You also can view the pictures as sepia tone or grayscale.

Download Here

You will also need the .Net 2.0 Framework

Dynamic DNS for FreeDNS

This program is specifically designed to do dynamic dns updates for domains at FreeDNS ( You only need to enter your username and password to start the updates. The update interval sets the amount of time between updates. You can also set the program to run at startup and automatically minimize to the system tray

If you have any questions or find bugs, contact me at Refugee Mail. Also, if you would like the C# source code, send with an email with your address and I will be glad to send it.

Click Here to download.

If it is not on your system, the .Net 2.0 framework will need to be installed. You can get it Here

If you have comments or find bugs in any of these programs, contact me at Refugee Mail
Please include your email address if you want a reply.